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Inagural Vintage Rally 1982


The concept of Ayrshire Vintage Tractor & Machinery Club emerged from a conversation between John Caldwell (Moorfield, Kilmarnock) and Will Howie (Seldom Inn, Monkton). John’s interest in vintage tractors had been inspired by visits to John Moffitt's Hunday Museum in Northumberland. He also got to know vintage enthusiasts in the Norfolk area through his daughter and her husband living there.



On 2nd May 1982, an exploratory meeting, attended by around thirty people and chaired by John Caldwell, was held in the Howard Park Hotel, Kilmarnock. The outcome of the meeting was unanimous agreement that The Ayrshire Vintage Tractor & Machinery Club should be founded.

Eventually, John bought a Marshall M from Doug Walker, a Fordson N from Jerry Sandells both in Norfolk and a Ferguson Brown from Roy Haylock in Suffolk. In 1981 Will Howie saw the Fordson at Moorfieid and decided he would like to buy it. Whilst talking over the deal, John suggested to Will that a Vintage Tractor Club should be formed in Ayrshire. Will's reply was "Well that would be fine, but none of us is very good with the pen"! John’s response was that he knew of a lawyer who had just become the owner of a Fordson N and who might just ‘fit the bill’ as far as that was concerned. The lawyer’s name was John Dale.

The Committee were then charged with the task of framing a Club Constitution and investigating the feasibility of holding a Rally, later that summer. During a Committee Meeting at Moorfield Farm on 25th May 1982, a field at Annandale was inspected as a possible Rally site and a full meeting was fixed for the 15th of June 1982 at the Halfway Hotel, Symington Ayrshire. At that Meeting, Office Bearers and Committee were confirmed and The Ayrshire Vintage Tractor & Machinery Club was constituted. It was also agreed that the Club’s Inaugural Rally would be held at Annandale on 22nd August 1982. The speaker at the first ever winter meeting of the Club in the Halfway Hotel on 4th October 1982 would be George Wisener. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Club’s aim would be to foster the preservation of Vintage Machinery in the County.The original Office Bearers were appointed as follows - Chairman John Caldwell, Vice Chairman, John Webster. Secretary & Treasurer, John Dale.
The original Committee were appointed as follows – J Dear, Jim Dunlop, Jimmy Hamilton, John Herd, George Imrie, Wallace Lapsley, Ian Ross & George Wisener.